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Real Estate Advisory

Specializing in Hoboken & Jersey City, NJ

Real Estate Advisory

Specializing in Hoboken & Jersey City, NJ


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Unparalleled concierge real estate service, expertise and attention in Hudson County.

Savvy buyers and sellers choose Hudson Agents because we are the foremost experts for finding and selling homes in places like Hoboken and Jersey City. Our expertise in marketing properties alongside our personalized strategy plans is what allows us to stand out and be unmatched from other firms.

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Specialty: Hudson County, NJ

Unparalleled concierge real estate service, expertise, and attention in Hudson County.

“Savvy buyers and sellers choose concierge firms like Hudson Agents to work directly with the foremost experts in finding and selling homes in places like Hoboken and Jersey City.

The level of expertise in marketing properties alongside the personalized strategy plans are what allows them to stand out and be unmatched by other firms.”

We Specialize in Hoboken & Hudson County, NJ Real Estate

As a boutique and highly-specialized consulting firm, we spend extra time with each of our clients to fully understand their wants and needs so that we can properly provide expert recommendations and advice.

Dedicated To Finding The Perfect Place For You.

We’re committed to finding the best homes for our clients. When you hire a Hudson Agent, we work with your interests and goals as the only focus. We provide our clients with exclusive inside knowledge and guidance to help them navigate today’s complex real estate market.

Anthony Vetrano
Founder & CEO

  • An award-winning real estate expert specializing in Hudson County, NJ areas.
  • Believes wholeheartedly in the unique, personal nature of the real estate process.
  • Passionate, data-driven, creative, detail-oriented, intuitive, and understanding.
  • A Husband, Father, and Son, Anthony understands the needs of today’s families.
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You will see these qualities revealed in how I follow through on what I promise and carefully guide you every step of the way through your transaction. I am committed to providing my clients with a noticeably higher level of service that will make your real estate experience as easy and as stress-free as possible. I am a clear and constant communicator who’s always available to my clients. I strive for a very personal level of service that provides you with real value and which is genuinely responsive to your needs.

You can expect an intimate familiarity with local communities, home values, and price trends. I am also happy to connect you to my robust network of trusted real estate professionals that are integral to every phase of the transaction and homeownership process including attorneys, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, contractors, and more.

Recent Client Feedback: 

I’ve worked with many realtors in the past and I have to say Anthony was like no other.

Anthony went above and beyond throughout the entire process. We will be forever grateful for all he did.
Kimberly G.

Anthony was responsive, honest and so helpful throughout the process.

He helped us overcome setbacks and challenges in securing our new home. He also provided great advice and useful contacts in getting us to closure. This was our first property purchase in the US and Anthony went above and beyond in guiding us through the process.
John M.

Anthony went ABOVE & beyond!

He not only found us an incredible place, but he helped us get a feel for the area and pick a place that fit our lifestyle! We are so happy with our apartment and will be using him in the future for some investment properties, as well! I would recommend him To all my friends and family!
Nova B.

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Anthony is absolutely one of a kind and hands down the best real estate agent I have ever had.

……… and I’ve been in real estate for over a decade. He is not only knowledgeable of the area, and has all of the right contacts for a smooth seamless closing (Mortgage Broker, Lawyers, Inspectors), but you can tell how much he truly cares about you and the purchase. I am one of those buyers who was back and forth but Anthony was patient and gave me his honest feedback on his thoughts and supported my frantic. He is still assisting me with guidance on repairs even after the closing! If you are looking to purchase property in NJ, look no further – Anthony is your guy!!! I truly can’t thank him enough for such an amazing experience!!!!
Danielle C.

Today we completed the closing of our first home with anthony.

My wife and I started the long home search without direction last October. We contacted Anthony on Zillow and he was nothing short of excellent. Having worked with many other agents, I can say he is the best agent I have ever met. I really appreciate him. He listened to and searched for my requests a lot and always advised his professional thought to me. He always cared about my needs and provided me with various options. I could share my opinions honestly with him without concern, and I was able to decide on our desired property without failure and worry. I have never met such a wonderful agent! Thank you, Anthony!!! and Thank you Zillow for introducing Anthony to me!!
Yuya F.

Anthony helped my spouse and me make our first purchase in New Jersey.

Naturally, we were a bit green with respect to the finer details of buying a home here in Jersey City but Anthony made the process far less intimidating than we expected. He walked us through (literally) every stage of this endeavor, explaining many of the finer details on the way. His tips were loaded with local neighborhood history, not to mention a few fascinating rumors. Having Anthony by our side always made each outing more of a pleasure than a necessary task. I’ve learned more about Hoboken and Jersey City in the 5 months I made use of his services than in the decade I’ve actually lived here.
Andrew K.

Anthony is an excellent realtor!

Buying a 3 bedroom was on our radar for a while but we were not sure how easy it would be to sell our existing condo during the pandemic. When we raised this concern with Anthony he was quick to tap into the buyer pool he had and got us an offer within 2 days. He is very responsive – responded to our texts immediately and always gave us the right advice, never pushy – always laid out all the options for us to choose. We are very thankful to Anthony and the team for getting us this new place and helping to sell our old one.
Rajesh P.


If you need a real estate agent in NJ, look no further – Anthony is the best of the best.

As first-time buyers in the US, we had zero knowledge of buying a house and needed a lot of help. We are so glad that we were lucky to work with Anthony. Anthony went above and beyond in getting the whole process a smooth seamless closing in all aspects, helping with Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, and Inspectors. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and will definitely use Anthony again in the future.
Dmitry F.

Anthony helped us find an amazing home on the Jersey City waterfront.

On top of being very knowledgeable about the market and very responsive to our questions and concerns, he was very transparent throughout the process, provided great insights on all the properties, and worked around our schedule. Overall, he is a very nice person and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend him to any of my family and friends.
Mariel A.

As first-time buyers in the U.S, we needed a lot of help.

What we also hadn’t expected was such a difficult purchase including an overseas seller and a very lethargic seller’s attorney. I am glad to say that Anthony came through for us at every step of the process. Without his oversight, tenacity, and understanding we would not have closed on the property and we are immensely grateful to have had him as our realtor. Anthony went above and beyond in getting the transaction completed including constant updates to us and ultimately assumed responsibility for driving the purchase to completion. In addition to his realtor skills, Anthony is also a really great guy and in the modern world where trust is a very valuable asset, I can wholeheartedly say that Anthony is diligent, honest, and keeps to his word – what more could you want or need? I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony and would surely use him again.
Philip M.

Anthony was professional from start to finish.

Anthony managed the process very smoothly and got us a higher sale price than we expected. Closing was quick and easy. I would highly recommend Anthony for all of your real estate needs.
Olivia B.

Anthony is so great to work with!

Not only is he personable and wants you to find your perfect home, but he also is very knowledgeable about the area! He kept in constant communication with us and he always notified us with new, great updates! My wife and I found our perfect place and we are so thankful to have such a smooth, easy and seamless experience due to Anthony!
Charles M.

My husband and I had a wonderful experience buying our first home with Anthony!

!! I appreciate all his help during the whole process. He is very professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and patient. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends! Good job Anthony!
Jing X.

Anthony is an excellent real estate agent.

He showed us several units and the unit we liked most, he made it happen. He is also very reliable and experienced in the business. I highly recommend Anthony Vetrano for your next home!
James H.

I really enjoyed working with Anthony!

He was extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and responsive. He sold our condo within a week with multiple offers above our asking price. I was extremely impressed with his level of service and I would highly recommend him!
Gabrielle P.

Anthony knows very well about the properties in Jersey City and he can recommend the best fit to me.

Also, he works always reply my message in minutes. He helped me get a 20k discount on my dream home. Best of all, he is a really nice person to work with. I really appreciate his help!
Jiahao D.